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Logo designing is one of the important elements of graphic design. Unlike graphic designs, logo designs never change much over the years. Many companies stay for a long time with one logo before they decide to redesign. Entrepreneurs and logo designers work together towards creating modern and brand-appropriate logos. In this article, we are going to look at what every marketer, entrepreneur, and the designer should do to create a strong logo.

The Logo Should Be Fresh And Relevant. It does not matter whether you are creating a new logo or rebranding the old one, a logo should look fresh and relevant.

The Four Elements Explained

A logo should represent your brand – A good logo should embody your business which is more important than balance, simplicity, color or line. It is the visual representation of your brand that should show off quickly and effortlessly.

Should be recognizable A good logo should be instantly recognizable. To achieve that, it should be unique making consumers think of your brand whenever they see it. It should be easy to visually identify with bold lines and strong unique forms.

Should be flexible – To ensure that a logo functions effectively, it should be flexible. It is important to ensure that it appears in every product you produce including business cards. This means that it should be easy to scale the logo effectively to different sizes to fit in different products.

Must be timeless – The logo should ensure consistent branding to maintain customer’s loyalty and trust towards your company. You should, therefore, aim at creating a logo that has a long life.

A good logo designer should avoid logo designs that date their designs and focus on brand authenticity.

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