Azooba – The Food Wonderland

Working with the team at Azooba The Food Wonderland has been a wonderful experience for our staff at CIT Hub.
The restaurant, website and advertisements are all looking refreshingly fine.

The design team at CIT Hub have been extremely creative and open to a lot of collaboration with Azooba to create the masterpiece website www.azooba.com.au which launches into cyberspace.

The imperial look of the website with its elegant layout, font and features duplicates the features of the restaurant, the atmosphere, the service and staff. CIT Hub has skilfully crafted a successful project and are delighted to add this one to their own gallery of accomplished works.

We urge all our fans to go check out their great atmospheric restaurant, the brilliant buffet deals, catering options and enjoy your time as you’re cared for by the dedicated and always-smiling staff.

All images are under copyright © CITHub

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